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It is believed that Lionfish entered our waters in Florida during the late 1980's from local aquariums. Since then Lionfish have invaded the Atlantic and Caribbean hurting the ecology by eating juvenile reef fish. They also eat young fish such as grouper and snapper that fishermen could catch hurting their livelihood. A mature Lionfish can produce several thousand eggs per year and with no natural predators outside the south pacific to keep them in check lionfish could take over almost all of the oceans on earth if not slowed in their spread. Lion fish cannot be caught on hooks or nets, they live on reefs and must be caught by divers. 


The good news, Lionfish is delicious! The key to slow the spread of the invasion is by education, participation and consumption. Anyway that you eat fish now it is possible to replace with Lionfish; fish n chips, tacos, escovitch, sushi, and ceviche just to name a few.


Please join us in fighting the Lionfish invasion and help us take back our reefs.

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